Book Review: Whoops! I'm in Business

[Note: This is the first in a series of book reviews. I plan to publish one new one every Wednesday.]

Today's book is Whoops! I'm in Business. Written by Richard Stim and Lisa Guerin, it is designed for someone who already has business but does not know how to continue it.


This book covers the basics of business including working from home, using trademarks, choosing a business structure, getting insurance, protecting business ideas, and much more.

One aspect of this book that I found useful was the amount of additional reading recommended. Because this book covers so many topics, it cannot go into detail on any of them. Instead, it recommends other books that contain more information. When I read this book, I made a list of many of the recommended books. Hopefully, I will read these books sometime in the future.

Quick Facts

Title: Whoops! I'm in Business
Author: Richard Stim and Lisa Guerin
Publisher: Nolo
Target Audience: Someone learning the basics of business.
Topics Covered: Home-Business, Names and Trademarks, Business Structure, Insurance, Raising Money, Ecommerce, Marketing, Hiring, Taxes, Licenses and Permits
My Rating: 8

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