Book Review: Complete Business Plan

This week's book is Complete Business Plan. Written by Bob Adams, this book is especially useful for someone writing their first business plan. I have used it to write my business plan, and I found it very useful. I have read about three other business plan books, but this one is my favorite.


This book starts out by telling you the basics of business planning in Part I. Then, in Part II, it leads you through writing your business plan. Next, Part III tells how to prepare the financial section of your business plan. Finally, Part IV gives you two example business plans.

What really sets this book apart in my mind is the simplicity and ease of use. Basically, this book provides a number of ways to write each section of your business plan. You simply choose one or more ways, depending on the section, and fill in the blanks. This makes it a lot easier to write your business plan.

Quick Facts

Title: Complete Business Plan
Author: Bob Adams
Publisher: Adams Media Corp.
Target Audience: Someone writing a business plan.
Topic Covered: Business Plan
My Rating: 10

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