You Can Interview the Ecommerce Experts

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You Can Interview the Ecommerce Experts

Portland, OR, May 16 — Do you have any ecommerce questions? Now, by completing one simple step, you can get them answered by experts.

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website!, a blog devoted to ecommerce, has just launched a new program. It is called Interview The Experts. Using this service, you can quickly and easily submit a question by emailing it to Once your question is received, it will be evaluated, and, as long as it pertains to ecommerce and has not already been answered, it will added to a database of questions. Once enough questions on a certain topic are received, they will be answered during an interview with an expert on that topic! A new interview with a business or person is posted on Build Your Own Ecommerce Website! every Friday.

The idea originated while Nate Desmond, the blog’s author, was reading an interview on another blog. "Why not put interviews on my blog," thought Nate. After that, the idea grew quickly. Originally, he had planned to conduct the interviews entirely by himself. However, Nate soon realized that by letting his readers submit questions he could make the interviews more enjoyable for his readers and himself. "I want to make my blog more interactive for my readers," stated Nate. This is to be the first of many changes over the next few weeks.

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