Interview: Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant

This week's interview is with Miva Merchant, another shopping cart provider.

What do you think is the most important part of a shopping cart?

The ability to build your online store to do business any way you like is the feature I would consider paramount. All too often online store products try to make the process of running a business oversimplified and thus make huge assumptions about someone might choose to build their business.
What do you consider sets you apart from your competitors?

3 things:
1. Miva Merchant's launched over 200,000 stores since our inception and been in the ecommerce business now since 1995 which is essentially the dawn of time in our industry. We've been through virtually every situation imaginable when it comes to the challenges and needs faced by an online merchant. We're uniquely qualified to help guide someone through the process of becoming a successful online merchant.

2. Miva Merchant gives the merchant full control over their online store. You can do virtually anything in Miva Merchant when it comes to your online store, there's few if any specifically built in limitations.

3. Even with our long history we're still far more similar to our clients than some giant tech company and that translates into a personal touch and superior service anytime they need help or assistance with Miva Merchant.

What is your pricing structure?

Most of our clients get their license through one of our web hosting partners. Which means they get the license included as part of their webhosting package (normally around $40 per month). For larger companies who want to host the product themselves we also license our software directly.

Please name five features that are included in your shopping cart.

-Easy to use point and click admin interface to add product, categories, configure your store for payment, shipping, upsale, related products, etc..
-Unlimited products, categories and sub-categories
-MySQL back end
-B2B features built in to allow for pricing and products to be altered or changed based on account login
-Synchronization with Quickbooks to make accounting simple
Does your solution come with hosting?

Most of our clients purchase our product through their web host, so they get a hosting/shopping cart solution in one place.

How many shipping options do you provide?

We ship with 9 different shipping modules out of the box and there are literally dozens of third party shipping modules available to allow you to ship any way you can imagine.

What are your contract term sizes?

No contract.

Do you provide a free trial?

Many of our web hosts do offer a free trial and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

How can a potential buyer find out more?

Call us at 866-284-9812 option 2 or visit

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