Effectively Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

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Strategic marketing is an excellent means of propelling your business to the next level of revenues. Indeed, the adage, "no man is an island" is particularly applicable in strategic marketing; the more islands you align yourself with, the greater your network, and the more powerful your revenue earning potential.

Yes indeed, we all know that strategic marketing is powerful. But how can you create an effective strategic marketing plan? Strategic marketing is a term that is thrown around casually and frequently, but how many people actually know how to execute a successful strategic marketing plan? In this article, I shall happily walk you through the steps of incorporating strategic marketing into your business arsenal.

Step 1: Understand your target customer base

The fundamental goal of strategic marketing is to utilize each other's strengths to reach a larger audience base ' perhaps one that would not be available to the individual companies without the strategic marketing endeavour. Evaluate your current base of customers, and envision your ideal future mix of clients. Based upon this analysis, you should then consider which companies already possess the client base that you desire. Or, what company would be able to work with you in order to help you both obtain a client base that was individually out of reach.

Step 2: Evaluate what your customers need

When you think of your business from the customer's perspective, it is often quite different than yours. Instead of evaluating what products would be easy for you to sell to them ' consider what products your customers need. This will help you find a strategic marketing partnership that can fulfil what customers' needs. In addition, look at the bigger scope. If you are trying to reach a larger audience base, what type of packaged advertising would be most compelling to their needs? For example, if you are an accounting firm, then would your clients possibly also need legal service? A successful strategic marketing plan is based upon clients' needs.

Step 3: Analyze the marketing tools to use

Marketing avenues abound, meaning that you can carefully pick and choose which marketing tools you use. Will you use offline, online, and/or word-of-mouth advertising? Decide if you want to create email marketing, PPC, or blog campaigns. Will you collaborate together on publishing articles, or perhaps split a booth at your industry trade show? Would you sponsor an industry event together, or perhaps publish a white paper jointly? The options for traditional and creative marketing are endless. It is important to create a strategic marketing campaign that will highlight the strengths of both companies ' and most effectively reach the target audience.

Step 4: Implementation!
Once you have laid the groundwork for the strategic marketing plan, it is time to implement the excitement! Working together with a partner can open up significant more doors, in both revenues and market share exposure. Make sure that your plan is well thought out, and that you both are on the same page, and you will be ready to push the "go" button on an endeavour that can take your business earnings to the next level.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A strategic Collaboration Marketing consulting firm. He empowers business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Ventures marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges. He demonstrates how to create your own Collaboration Marketing Strategy to increase your sales, conversation rates, and repeat business.

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