Using Your Autoresponder and Shopping Cart Together

It is essential that purchase orders from your website receive acknowledgment immediately. You can do this by using an autoresponder and your shopping cart. Actually, most shopping carts have their own built in system.

You should include several things when setting up your autoresponder to convey messages to someone who has recently made a purchase. This is your chance to speak to your client, while telling them about any other deals you may have or specific items that are available to them. You should use your autoresponder and shopping cart together, it is a great opportunity.

Never, place your thank you sales message on the same autoresponder as your email sales receipts. Placing your sales message on the customer access email is a bad idea as well. It would fit much better on the sales receipt email. Anytime you send out a thank you sales message, send it out alone. This way your client focuses solely on that message.

Thank your customer for their recent purchase, while telling them how much the service or product will help them. You may also let them know about any other products available to them that correspond with the purchase they just made. For example, shampoo and cream rinse for the hair. Vacuum cleaners need bags and carpet cleaning powder. Tell them about your range of products as well, as how they compliment each other for purchase.

Just remember not to let your customers get away from you with no further contact. Consider a physical location, there are many items for sale by the registers, these are impulse or last minute purchases. Your thank you sales letter serves the same purpose.

Do not assail your clients. Sure it is alright to periodically send information to them concerning your specials once they make a purchase, however, emailing them daily is not good business it is spam. Responsively use your autoresponders.

Take the time to find out that your autoresponder set up can automatically remove requests. Be mindful that any information you send to your clients is of value to them.

In conclusion, automate your business is always suggested through the proper use of technology. By integrating autoresponder and shopping cart, you can leverage on technology to handle two of most tedious traditional business functions. Following up client was never this easy before the invention of autoresponder. Also, check-out department was what ususally prompt for errors is now automated through the use of shopping cart.

Combining these two functions into one will empower your business and strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

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