Keywords Injection

What is "Keywords Injection" you might ask? Well, I am not sure if the term is accurate or not, but I just made it up because it describes a method to inject keywords in your online articles and publications. The method have a lot of benefits that will help bringing your site to the top of search engines listings (one of many many goals in life), and can get your site a few extra links.

How it works:

Simple, you just link the keywords in your articles to relevant pages in your site. Let's say you are writing about "used cars" and there is another page in your site that lists used cars for sale. Pick a few keywords in the article you are writing, and make them link to other page (the page with the used car listings). Make sure you use the full link starting from http... so if someone copies your article, the link will still work. That's it, now watch the benefits of this.


- People who are reading your article are definitely interested in the subject. They are more likely to click on the link and purchase your services or products.

- The links in the article will be relevant to the other page, which will make search engine count them as valid relevant links and increase your second page position in their results (can return more sales).

- If you submit your articles to an articles' site, you will get more links, so higher position in the search results.

- Most people who copy your article for their site (or use RSS feed to get the article), will include your links and same as above.

This as usual assert that the most important part of any site is content. Good content can deliver better business.

Now, let's see some examples on major players who implemented this techniqe and created huge sites. Wikipedia is one of the largest website in the planets and they rank very high for almost any keywords. They did this by making keyword injection very simple for users.

If the user want to link to another subject, they only have to put that brackets [] around the word. Wiki software will find a page related to that keyword and create the link automatically. If the relevant page is missing, wiki will create a link to create that page. Now, almost every keyword is linked to a relevant page on Wikipedia which drove their web traffic and ranking over the roof.

To create a solution that will automatically link your major keywords to relevant pages in your website, you can create a server script (like PHP or ASP) that have a list of all the major pages in your website with relevant keywords to each. Before the article is published, the script will automatically read your articles for any keywords and link them to your page. Adding such a system can improve your overall site rank (since most of your pages are linked together) and generate better traffic and higher sales.

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