Generate 15 Article Ideas in 30 Minutes or Less

Many people tell me they know writing articles and ezines is an effective internet marketing strategy. But they also tell me they procrastinate when it comes to this strategy because they are not sure what to write about.

Everyone has plenty of article ideas running around in their head. The difficulty is recognizing that these ideas are good article topics and then organizing your thoughts around those ideas.

The following questions will jump start your thinking about topics. List at least 3 ideas under each and you will have 15 topics to write about very quickly. Don't stop to evaluate whether it is a good idea or not - you can do that later. For now, get as many ideas down in writing as you can.

1.What questions do your customers or prospects ask frequently? Getting the same questions repeatedly is a sign that there is interest in the topic. Although you may think everyone knows how to find the best coach or develop a great marketing plan, there are many who will benefit from this information. I'm writing this article because I'm often asked how to get ideas for writing articles.

2. What are the best resources in your area of expertise? People searching for information are always looking for the best places to get information. Providing your readers with sources that can educate them about subjects pertaining to your business shows that you stay up to date in your field. For example, discuss your favorite books or websites related to your field and tell your readers why or what useful information they provide.

3. What are you most proud of about your service or industry? If your industry offers varying levels of guarantees, for example, write about the different types of guarantees. You can conclude with which better and why. You will want to be generic about this subject but in explaining the subject, you will show your expertise and also offer whatever you conclude is the best.

4. Whom can you interview that has a skill or expertise related to your niche: The interview can be formal or informal. You can then turn into an article or part of an eBook. For example, if you're a life coach, interview a former client about the experience of having a life coach. Or interview a business coach and discuss the differences between life and business coaches.

5. What current events can you tie into? As I write this, a pilot has just made an emergency landing. Potential topics for various coaches could include handling stress, overcoming the fear of flying, organizing your will, etc.

I'm guessing that once you get started with this process, you'll end up with a lot more than 15 ideas!

Nancy D Waring, Internet Communication Strategist and owner of OnPoint Communication Solutions, assists coaches and other service professionals more effectively manage their internet marketing so they can spend more time on their business. For more information about solutions to expand your business using the web, pick up her special report at