5 Steps to Writing Killer SEO Copy!

Good SEO copywriters earn as much as $300 an hour. And that can be a bargain! Why? Because of something called the natural text algorithm (NTA). A few years ago Google started using NTAs to spot Web pages that were written more for search engines than real people. Correction, spot and penalize such pages is a more accurate statement.

The NTAs were clunky at first and really not much of a threat. But times have changed! Today's natural text algorithms can interpret the natural flow of written communication at the same level as a college student. The game has definitely changed. But don't worry. This is great news for you if you learn five simple steps the pros use to get top ranking and earn the big bucks.

Step 1: List your three top keywords in order of importance and then put the list aside. If you are interested in the technical nuts and bolts, right now we are establishing the topics of content.

Step 2: Call a friend and describe your Website's product or service. Don't be afraid to show your excitement but don't oversell.

Step 3: Write out what you said to your friend, word for word, or come as close as possible. If you can record the call, that's even better. Forget proper sentence structure and anything else your eighth grade English teacher taught you. Jot down the conversation just as you spoke it. This is your "story." Being able to tell it naturally, as if casually speaking with your best friend, is the key to success both in swaying the natural text algorithm AND the reader.

Step 4: Take out your keyword list and try to fit your most important keyword within the first sentence or two of your story. Now, still in the first paragraph, slip your second keyword somewhere in the middle. And then your third toward the end, but only if it fits naturally. If not, place it in the middle of the second paragraph. The beginning of the second paragraph is reserved for your top keyword again. Now feature only one keyword per paragraph for the remainder of your story (except the final paragraph.) Here's how to do it... Like we already said, begin the second paragraph with an early mention of your most critical keyword. Mention your second most important keyword toward the beginning of your third paragraph and so on for your final keyword. Don't use any keyword more than three times before the final paragraph. Here you've taken care of both proximity and consistency. These are both key elements to SEO copywriting success.

Step 5: When you reach your final paragraph reverse the order you have been following. In other words, start it off with your least important keyword and end it with your most important. This rounds out consistency and adds reinforcement to the importance of the topics (keywords.)

It's that simple. Just remember the wise words of legendary SEO copywriter Karon Thackston "All Customers Are NOT the Same...Most Search Engines ARE." (Quoted from http://www.bestSEOcopywriting.com)

There's more to great SEO copywriting but these five quick and easy steps can put you head and shoulders above most competitors. Now go write your masterpiece!

Mike Small has been an SEO copywriter and consultant since 1998. With over 1,000 top Google placements to his credit Mike offers free advice at http://www.SEOpartner.com .